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Xổ số miền nam ba đàiEuropean Mobility Week

Q-ParkXổ số miền nam ba đài promotes a carbon-neutral and inclusive urban environment with a variety of programmes.

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Free parking

Free parking is expensive!

Xổ số miền nam ba đài Who do you think should pay for parking? Here is some food for thought.

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Xổ số miền nam ba đàiCan we replace grey with green? Yes we can!

Q-Park works with urban planners to make open spaces ánd accessibility possible. Here are some examples.

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Capacity Calculation Non optimised

Xổ số miền nam ba đàiParking Capacity Calculation

Q-Park has the experience and models to calculate the required parking capacity for a wide range of urban situations and diverse user groups.

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LED - Proven Energy Efficiency

Measurable results. Q-Park's LED Transformation Project clearly shows that investing in energy-saving light solutions saves money and the environment.

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There’s more to EV charging than meets the eye

Xổ số miền nam ba đàiThere are many challenges and dilemmas of providing e-charging infrastructure in parking facilities.

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Xổ số miền nam ba đàiBusiness & Artificial Intelligence (BI & AI)

All players in the mobility chain need business intelligence to help make decisions about parking capacity.

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Q-Park Liveability Model 1.png

Q-Park Liveability Model

Q-Park has developed an easy to understand liveability model to provide a transparent framework for its CSR activities and reporting.

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When is paid parking beneficial for consumers?

When parking spaces are scarce, free parking is inefficient and motorists do not get the best deal.

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Xổ số miền nam ba đàiParking as a Smart Service

Innovation – Creating a seamless journey, from Cashless to Ticketless to Cardless car parking.

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