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Partnership optimises spaces & convenience

When the attention shifts to parking, the typical developer wants to squeeze in as many parking spaces as possible.

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Karstadt, Bielefeld Germany

Innovative approach to car park renovation

Q-Park acquired the Karstadt car park in Bielefeld, Germany in 2009. The structure originally built in 1965 required considerable maintenance after the concrete had suffered years of damage from corrosion caused by de-icing salts.

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The art of the possible

Q-Park shows its resilience and its resolve to make the most of the situation during the COVID-19 pandemic. Q-Park’s commitment and care for the communities in which we operate means we will help wherever we can.

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Oostenburg front view wide

Green & Carefree

With 704 parking spaces, Q-Park Oostenburg is the ‘greenest’ car park in Amsterdam.

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Handelsbeurs Antwerp ©Tim Fisher

Antwerp's Jewel - Handelsbeurs

Xổ số miền nam ba đàiAntwerp’s jewel sparkles again! The newly renovated Handelsbeurs has a splendid 3-level underground car park.

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Smart infrastructure solutions

When multiple parties are involved in redeveloping a relatively small urban area, cooperation is key to success.

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Philharmonie, Paris

The Philharmonie concert hall project in Paris confirms Q-ParkXổ số miền nam ba đài’s experience in developing and managing car parks near iconic cultural sites.

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Medipole building

Xổ số miền nam ba đàiMedipole, Lyon-Villeurbanne

Xổ số miền nam ba đàiThe new health centre in the Lyon metropolis has a ground-breaking hospital parking solution.

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Nausicaa, Boulogne-sur-Mer

Parking is a critical success factor for Nausicaá, Europe's largest acquarium in Boulogne-sur-Mer.

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Veerkaden Energy Neutral On Off Light bulb pictograms - concept to be adapted by Ed

Xổ số miền nam ba đài100% Energy-neutral car park

Xổ số miền nam ba đàiVeerkaden, The Hague. Our first 100% energy-neutral car park in the Netherlands.

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