Q-Park PaSS PlatePay is an Access & Exit innovation, connecting ANPR with a payment option. For ease of use by fleet owners, landlords and customers.


Q-ParkXổ số miền nam ba đài has a continual focus on making a positive contribution to urban life, to optimising the role played by parking in the mobility chain, and to making the parking experience a pleasurable one.­


Q-Park Control Room (QCR) is an international help desk, available 24/7. Providing customers instant access to multi-lingual Parking Hosts who answer queries, solve issues or dispatch onsite employees when needed.


Q-Park LED Transformation Project is the largest project of its kind in Europe, ensuring that our parking facilities take full advantage of the latest energy-saving technologies. Investment exceeds EUR 15 million, achieving an annual energy consumption drop of more than EUR 2.7 million and 7,200 tons of CO2.

Q-Park has a strong sense of corporate social responsibility (CSR). It underpins every major management decision, every new project, and every engagement we have with our communities. Q-ParkXổ số miền nam ba đài Quintessence - how we bring together all of our ideas about sustainable parking, and about how we work with our partners and stakeholders to contribute to the quality of life in our cities.


Q-Park Prevent Smash & Grab Campaign - A communication campaign to reduce theft from cars, which won an EPA Award in 2017.


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